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March 2, 2020

Master your Success in the 2020

I had a great conversation with a young woman the other day.
She said to me: “I have a good life, I have a good job, … but… I feel I’m missing something…I would like to have a more meaningful, fulfilling and happy life!”

OK. Living a fulfilling life is what we value most, it is what we consider the true success right? But unfortunately, we often feel frustrated because we have goals and we have a lot of expectations… but in the end we can’t close the gap between where we were and where we want to be.
Let me take a step back before getting straight to the point.
Do you know what your VALUES are?

It’s ok if you don’t. Sometimes looking at a list of values is challenging. It can be hard to narrow down your values to three or even five. So, I want to offer a new perspective to help you think about that differently.
I want to start this way because our values are our a guiding force and we can achieve everything in life just if our thoughts, behaviour, and actions are aligned with our values.

To be honest with you, as a Coach, whenever I notice people have some resistance to achieving results – and also in my personal experience –that is when we need to explore those values.

Values are so important for 2 reasons:

  1. Reason #1. DECISIONS: When you are making a big or a small decision, you can look at your values to help you make a decision that supports you. Think about your current life and consider a typical day, week or month. You may not be aware of your values, or you may be consciously choosing them when you make a decision. But you’ll probably find they are reflected in your choices.
  2. Reason #2. AUTHENTICITY:
    • Values are what is most important for you. They are what you believe in.
    • Values are how you want to feel.
    • And your feelings and emotions drive your actions and everything you do in life. They build your reality.

Don’t overthink them, go ahead and answer them.

These questions allow you to immediately feel the values that really mean something to you. Try to identify your top 3 values and you will understand how to make AUTHENTIC DECISIONS that HELP YOU TO CREATE A LIFE YOU WANT and the true success.
Become a co-creator of your life and as Tiffany Loren Rowe said:

“Dreams not only come true but they can also exceed your wildest expectations.”


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