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Life Coaching & Personal Growth

Angela provides a level of expertise and enlightenment resulting in life-changing transformation with practical measures to redesign your lifestyle. She has a powerful, structured and results-based approach that looks at underlying blocks and motivators to get to the root cause of issues.

Angela will empower you to take responsibility for your own well-being and positive lifestyle choices by guiding you through the discovery and implementation of sustainable lifestyle changes that will see you reach your wellness goals and make them stick for good.

Coaching sessions can be online, in-person (in Sydney), over the phone,  or a mixture of any of these. Coaching options are either individual sessions or longer transformation programs and are payable in advance.

My agreement is that I guarantee I will be your Coach 100% committed with you for the next months, but you have the opportunity to cancel whenever you want and I will refund you.

Benefits for you:

  • overcoming personal challenges
  • overcoming subconscious blockages and limiting beliefs
  • increasing self-confidence and motivation
  • creating your vision, clarifying goals and accomplishing the results
  • releasing negative emotions blocking you from living joyfully and creatively
  • improving your health, relationships, prosperity, and bringing more peace into your life.
Book your session:
  • You can have a first 35min-meeting with Angela on line or in-person to discuss your hopes and goals, and make sure make sure you have all of the information you need and it's a good fit before moving forward.

Result Coaching 2-SESSION Package:
  • 40 min session (2 sessions per Month)
  • + Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire
  • + Resources and recommendations
  • $50 “bring a friend” voucher
Result Coaching ACCELERATOR:
  • 40 min session (6 Month UNLIMITED sessions)
  • + Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire
  • + Resources and recommendations
  • + FREE copy of Dream Planner
  • + 2 FREE Nutrition Support Sessions
  • Each session or program is individually tailored to your goals and vision. Click the box below, First Coaching Meeting, and send me a message to set up your FREE session.


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    Result Coaching

    AUD$ 270 (1 Month - 2 sessions)

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    AUD$ 2700 (6 Month - Unlimited sessions)

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    Webinar/Group Seminar

    After the Coaching assessment Angela will be getting you crystal clear on what you will work together, strategies you’ll need to get there, the possible resistances that may hold you back and your desire results. The first meeting is also an opportunity to find out if coaching is for you, and if I’m your right partner to work together and after your session, you will be able to decide without obligation if you’d like to invest in yourself further.

    The Coaching sessions are held roughly 1 week apart or weekly, depend on your needs, plan and desire. You will have time to process & practice what you are learning, and do any tasking that has been agreed, as well as time to see what resistances may arise so we can deal with them.

    Angela is extremely supportive as clients working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and then together they create a plan for action. Her purpose is to help people overcome resistance to change by using a step-by-step, structured approach.
    Her passion and knowledge about self-development and mindset behaviors allow people to rediscover the power and beauty within themselves that sometimes gets lost when working through challenging life events or living an important turning point in life.

    Angela’s Coaching power comes from the unique partnership with clients, in which she offers support and guidance to help them to find their individual path to a lasting lifestyle change, to facilitate them in taking responsibility and feeling more confident.

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    Angela Ferlita

    Email: angela@angelaferlita.com

    Phone: +61 459 141326

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