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We all have had at least a moment in our life... an awakening... a pivotal day where we wake up and realize that something needs to change. Challenges, thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact our behaviour taking us away from what we really want, what we value most and give our life a sense of purpose, direction, and meaning.

In this scenario, my mission as a Life Coach, is helping you to dramatically EXPAND your awareness and your potential in order to create a CLEAR VISION and make new daily habits that keep you motivated in achieving remarkable results.

You will move through your life achieving all the results you really want, feeling unstoppable and elevating everything and everyone around you. Like a magnet, you will attract a brighter and bigger future!

“Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose. Those are the ones with vision.” - Andy Stanley

Life Coaching & Personal Growth

Angela proudly and passionately transforms people’s lives. Helping people enhance self-motivation and self-regulation, leveraging strengths, navigating a Turning Point journey and building other psychological resources needed for change.

She tailors her services to her clients, as the solutions she provides have to be holistic and realistic to their current lifestyle.

It combines consolidated Business Management tools, Emotional and Transformational Experience as outlined by Louise Hay to:

  • identify problem areas
  • maintain motivation
  • make solutions for a successful lifestyle change
  • design your own personal System to be successful in everything you do

‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop

“Love Yourself. Heal Your Life” is the first step to realizing your true power in achieving the love, the prosperity and the relationships you’ve been longing for.
Join Angela Ferlita Coaching for Results on this fabulous Journey to Self-Love!
You’ll discover how to:

  • truly love yourself, releasing judgment and self-criticism
  • listen to and follow your inner-wisdom
  • realize the special gifts you are here to share with the world
  • develop more loving and compassionate relationships
  • recognize and attract more prosperity in your life
  • overcome and support life transition

It is time to experience all the benefits of self-love. During the training, Angela will use Louise Hay techniques to create new thought patterns,
rich and rewarding life and other visualization exercises to release
negative feelings and maximize your true inner potential.

Professional Development

Angela is passionate about helping Board of Directors, C-level executives, Senior Leader, employees that wants to expand and develop personally and professionally becoming much better manager, entrepreneur, leader and influencer in their personal and professional life.

Her approach is focused on combining Coaching Education with specific professional skill to increase the performance’s level, achieve meaningful results and turn conflict into collaboration in order to become a new kind of Leader.

Collaborative Corporate Leadership (“We-centric” leadership approach), is essential for the growth of the individual and also within the Corporate culture.

Professional Development is oriented on defining agreed performance goals, understanding the factors which impact performance, implementing strategies which address performance gaps, and maintaining motivation to achieve goals.

Angela brings a unique perspective and she is a passionate and engaging professional who gets immense satisfaction out of setting others up for success by facilitating positive outcomes for people.


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