Professional Development

Angela is passionate about helping people and organizations be the best they can be by recognising that optimal mental, physical and emotional wellness are essential for the growth of the individual and also within the Corporate culture.

Professional Performance Development is focused on defining agreed performance goals, understanding the factors which impact performance, implementing strategies which address performance gaps, and maintaining motivation to achieve goals.

Angela brings a unique perspective to Wellness Coaching shaped by her background in the Corporate world and she is a passionate and engaging professional who gets immense satisfaction out of setting others up for success by facilitating positive outcomes for people.

She specialises in combining the principles of wellbeing with her expertise in guiding individuals to effectively manage stress and achieve their fullest potential and performance in their professional lives. Her focus is helping individuals to build resilience, limit the effects of stress in the workplace and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

The services are designed to be an inclusive and genuine experience to enable you to learn new techniques, create actions and gain confidence in putting wellbeing first, learn how improving your focus on wellbeing can improve performance in both professional and personal lives.

Regardless of the issue, Angela’s Coaching process in PPD helps clients learn how to establish tangible goals, make workable plans, overcome obstacles, solve problems, stay on track, sustain motivation, develop resilience, identify road blocks to achieving your true potential, set practical, achievable goals, develop new skills, identify and maximise strengths, develop tools to overcome weaknesses, develop a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires, sense, identify and understand the emotions and reactions of others, more effectively inspire and drive a team towards success, address and overcome negative behaviour and thought processes that create road blocks.

Corporate Coaching for executives or employees achieves a fulfilling balance between professional goals and personal development. In a business context PPD can bring out the true potential of staff at all levels. Understanding how thoughts and behaviours are affected by emotions, relationships and social networks is an effective tool for enhancing performance.

Organisational change brought about by mergers, acquisitions or redundancies can be the catalyst for coaching support. Whether personal, professional or organisational, PPD will help you to manage change positively.

A Business coach is much like having a personal trainer, or accountability partner. Angela will make sure you are applying all the tools and strategies you need to achieve optimal results, success, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life, business, and relationships.

Angela will help you get out of your comfort zone, overcome any fear of failure, boost your confidence, spark motivation, and get you laser focused on maximizing your growth, skills, resources, tools and strength to get the outcome you most desire.

PPD can be in person (in Sydney), over the phone, or on Skype, or a mixture of any of these. PPD options are either individual or group sessions and include a complimentary 1 Hour INTRO Coaching Session. Coaching is payable fully in advance.

The number of sessions will be designed to allow you to dismantle obstacles and created achievable goals over a 6-month period and are tailored to your goals and vision.

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