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 A challenge is just an opportunity to win

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’m Angela, I am pleased to introduce myself. I'm Italian, I was born and grew up in a small seaside town in Sicily, a wonderful Island in the south of the Mediterranean where the scent of jasmine and orange trees mixes with the colors of the sea and sunset intoxicating the mind and heart.

After doing a Law degree in Pisa and having completed a master's degree in Corporate Governance and Human Resources in Stresa, I then lived in Milan and later in Rome where I worked in the Corporate world for 15 years, first in Management Consulting and then as a Lawyer.


When I was at the peak of my career I experienced my Turning Point because I needed to re-connect with my inner-self and re-focus on my true purpose and passion with a new life-changing experience… So I gave up everything to follow a new path. For 3 years now, I have been living in Australia (Melbourne-Sydney), where I decided to move with my family.

When I was in Rome working as Lawyer, I was completely absorbed in my career and I REALLY WANTED TIME!

I spent all day in my beautiful office located on the sixth floor of a modern building near Vatican City in Rome but I had no time for myself or simply to go for a walk with my friends or colleagues, cook a delicious meal for my family, go to the park with my little daughter, cycle in nature, read books. I constantly chased meetings and deadlines.

Are you experiencing the same?

Living my Turning Point has allowed me to be more selective about my time, choosing only nourishing experiences and aligning myself with my authentic self and realizing my dream of transforming my passion into a business which supports others to express themselves clearly, to reach their performance goals and to excel at their ventures.

NOW… I just do things that I enjoy and that keep me happy. I discovered the importance of being my self and making sure I have fun along the way.

NOW… I can live the blessed experience to support people in transitioning to a healthy lifestyle and empower them to achieve success by living with authenticity and to their fullest potential.

NOW… I have time to have fun with my family and to laugh with my friends, to use it in an enriching way to get positive emotions and to live every single hour as a gift to be grateful for.


This is the real SUCCESS you can achieve! Experiencing this great moment of challenge and viewing it as the true discovery of happiness!

I have lived the last 3 years in Melbourne and Sydney with a constant feeling of fullness, gaining skills on how to improve the quality of life by studying brain functions, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, epidemiology, nutritional medicine, exercise planning and wellness coaching. I had the opportunity to attend world conferences on Wellness and Coaching, numerous seminars on food as medicine and intensive motivational training programs with the world's best speakers and coaches, such as Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.

I had the opportunity to express my fullest potential by working with people from other countries, in a different language, with an approach to life that was sometimes completely opposite to the one I had lived with until then. I learned so much and I grew a lot!

If you are living your Turning Point time, don’t underestimate it but live it as a challenging opportunity to create the best version of yourself, as a change as a means for progression.


GIFT YOURSELF the exclusive experience of my Coaching and Training Programs with the tailored practical, emotional, and spiritual tools to empower you to live the healthiest, happiest life and achieve your goals.

Are you ready to live the abundant, passion-fueled life of your dreams?

Are your purpose and your intuition about your journey bubbling away inside you? But something is stopping you? Is it, on the other side of all that inspiration, a sense of being overwhelmed and confused?

You are in the right place!

Several years ago I attended Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life” Training in Italy and I became a licensed trainer Leader of this method. It was for me a remarkable transformational self-discovery that gave me a new perspective and approach to life. I learned how people can use the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. I became aware of that when 5 years ago as a coach I supported an amazing young lady in her inner work and healing process from multiple sclerosis and I strongly understood what advanced clinical studies have recently scientifically proven, namely, if we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed. She wanted me with her when she went to the doctor for the check and when the doctor showed us the brain images as result of the MRI we could not believe the result! I am always grateful for that learning experience that impacted my coaching approach, which then became focused on the idea that if you can change your thinking, you can improve the quality your life! It obviously means taking responsibility for what happens in your lives but at the same time it is awesome to be aware of having this incredible power to transform positively the Turning Point events in life.

It is your choice, your decision on how to play the challenge!

Take action for living the Turning Point as the next level of your WONDERFUL LIFE!

Drop me a line if you've got any questions about Coaching or Heal Your life Training or if you are interested in a  corporate collaboration or interview, or if you'd like me to speak at your office, school, or event.

I look forward to hearing from you to help empower you for transformation and healthier life!

I would be really interested to become your PARTNER in the TURNING POINT time of your life discovering your authentic-self and your path, building your resilience, increasing motivation, overcoming any blocks to express yourself clearly and confidently, and taking massive actions lo live a new chapter of life to your fullest potential.

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Create the life you desire and deserve!

Become your happiest self!

Xx Angela Ferlita

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