Personal Growth

She proudly and passionately transforms people’s lives. Helping people enhance self-motivation and self-regulation, leveraging strengths, navigating a Turning Point journey and building other psychological resources needed for change.

She tailors her services to her Clients, as the solutions she provides have to be holistic and realistic to their current lifestyle. 

It combines consolidated Business Management tools, Emotional and Transformational Experience as outlined by Louise Hay to:

- identify problem areas

- maintain motivation

- make solutions for successful lifestyle change

- create an action plan.

Coaching session can be in person (in Sydney), over the phone, or on Skype, or a mixture of any of these. Coaching options are either individual sessions or longer transformation programs and are payable fully in advance.

-   1 Hour Session + Complimentary 1 Hour INTRO Coaching Session

-   6 x 1 Hour Sessions over 3 Months

-  12 x 1 Hour Sessions over 6 Months

Each program is individually tailored to your goals and vision.

In the Intro Coaching Session Angela will be getting you crystal clear on what you will work together during the program, strategies you'll need to get there, the possible resistances that may hold you back. It's an opportunity to find out if coaching is for you, and if I'm your right partner to work together and after your session you will be able to decide without obligation if you'd like to invest in yourself further.

During a Program sessions are held roughly 1 weeks apart. This is to allow you time to process & practice what you are learning, and do any tasking that has been agreed, as well as time to see what resistances may arise so we can deal with them.

 Angela look forward to hearing from you to help empower you for transformation and a healthier life and start showing up as your radiant best-self!

As your coach, she will support you in working out what you want to achieve, why this is so important to you and what has been holding you back. She will be honoured to help you feel strong, active and mobile again and help enable you to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Click here to have more information and to book a session with Angela or send a message below or email angela@angelaferlita.com