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Dream Planner

We all have dreams – whether it’s our ideal career, body image, confidence level, relationship or lifestyle. Deep down, we know it’s what we really want. But for many of us, it stays a dream forever and never becomes a reality.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Take the daring leap into your dreams!

Dream planner is your chance to make your dreams a reality – a resource filled with life coaching strategies so you can stop dreaming and start achieving.

Fulfill your life and live to the next level!

A real transformational journey to design your own dream roadmap, connect with your unique soul, and manifest your dream life.

How PLANNING My Dream… allow you to get results and transform your life:

What you write, you invite!

NON-DATED YEARLY AND MONTHLY PLANNER. At least a year-long experience that you can start at any time.

BASED ON A PROVEN RESULT COACHING METHODOLOGY. Design a map of your dream life and your own life-system values to set short-term and long-term goals. A results-based process to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for yourself and the people around you!

DESIGNED TO MANIFEST YOUR UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Powerful ideas and proven tools will guide you to plan, visualize, reflect, and prioritize. Most importantly, they will connect you with your unique potential.

TAILORED TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A MASTERPIECE. Visualize your dream life, imagine all the things you love. Imagine how you want them to be, where you want them to be, with the people you want to be around. A real chance to celebrate happiness and success.


  • “It was fantastic the way you led the class to an incredible and exceptional result. Every moment was powerful and bright. You were able to create a strong bond of trust between the participants. We were many but I felt safe and without judgments from others. Each exercise was intense and with a specific purpose. My life will not be the same!”

    37,Office Assistant Melbourne, Australia
  • “In each session, I felt like a new person with clear and achievable goals. Your support has been extraordinary. I was a successful person at work and in the family, but you always helped me reinforce my strengths. You have an incredible power to activate emotions and actions which we sometimes resist. You’ve really transformed my mindset: it’s like I’ve installed new software. I really recommend Angela to help you unleash your fullest potential”.

    35, Fashion Designer Milan, Italy
  • “Thank you for transporting me into my own heart with your warm and sweet voice. The visualizations with you were amazing. I feel healed inside. Thank you for giving me so much of yourself!”

    38, IT Consultant Arezzo, Italy
  • “Thanks Angela for guiding me with professionalism and sweetness through the most important theme in my life: change. I take home with me the need to make room in my life for what I really want. Now I have the emotional and practical tools to direct my action”.

    35, Teacher Firenze, Italy

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