angela's approach

Give yourself the space and time to grow

 She is extremely supportive as clients working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and then together they create a plan for action. Her purpose is to help people overcome resistance to change by using a step-by-step, structured approach.

Angela uses her passion and knowledge about self-development and mindset behaviours to connect with and help people rediscover the power and beauty within themselves that sometimes gets lost when working through challenging life events or living an important turning point in life.

Combining her corporate career as Lawyer for a multinational company with Health & Wellness coaching qualifications and the intuitive and energetic healing techniques and method of Louise Hay, she gives people the practical, emotional and spiritual tools they need to get clear on what they want and take action to bring their dreams to life.

Overcoming challenges will make you a stronger individual and lead you to a new level of personal satisfaction and life experience.

Angela’s Coaching power comes from the unique partnership with clients, in which she offers support and guidance to help them to find their individual path to a lasting lifestyle change, to facilitate them in taking responsibility and feeling more confident.

She has long studied what creates the gap between what people say they want and what they actually do. This is why she is passionate about Wellbeing and Wellness Coaching and the Heal Your Life philosophy and method, because they can close this gap.

She has strong values and broad experience in Individual and Corporate Wellness Coaching, which allows Angela to truly connect to and understand the people she works with.

Angela’s Coaching ability is the result of empathy, knowledge and ongoing learning.  Her personal passion - helping people to be the best version of themselves – marries perfectly with her roles in Health Wellness Coaching and the Training development she practices as Heal Your Life licensed Leader.

She has spent the last several years blending her skills studying neuroscience, epidemiology, nutrition medicine, exercise programming and Wellness Coaching to help people reach their personal wellness goals. She has scientifically learned that we have more control over our cellular structure and neural pathways than originally thought: by actively changing the way we think, eat, feel and behave, we create new neural pathways in the brain and improve the health of our cells. This is a revolutionary way of approaching a good lifestyle and is an alternative medicine to follow to stay well and healthy.

Angela believes that health is not only dependent on physical activity, but also on your state of mind and her Coaching approach is a powerful formula which reprograms your subconscious mind, eliminates negative self-esteem beliefs and helps to create new habits regarding exercise and food for you.

These and others will be the themes of this page which aims to support you along your journey to a wonderful life!

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