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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Almost 5 years ago, I left my country, Italy, my friends, my career, my father, my mum had just passed away and I had lost my entire routine and all of the comfort zones in a few months… And even though I was aware of going through the most important EVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCE of my life, I often had the feeling that I was on a roller coaster ….

Whether it is an unexpected situation or a challenge that you have so passionately sought, living a Turning Point is a moment of great upheaval and emotional imbalance, bringing you out of your usual comfort zone.

Probably, you’ve had a similar life-changing experience or are having one right now…!

But the good news is that it is just GROWTH! It is a kind of evolution that’s not always linear. You might go backward and then sideways before you are ready to move forward. There are multiple layers to the messy process and it is exactly here that you can make the difference just by knowing some step of the process to find the light.

Living my Turning Point has allowed me to be more selective about my time, choosing only nourishing experiences and aligning myself with my authentic self and realizing my dream of living my passion supporting others to express themselves clearly, to reach their true potential, to achieve results and to excel at their ventures.
This is the real SUCCESS you can achieve.

Take action for living your life to the next level!

And remember…To get different results, you are going to have to do things differently!

Lead Your Life!

How I can help you

Combining my Corporate background experience with the ultimate Result Coaching principles, I would love to support you on your journey by CLARIFYING your Vision, DESIGNING and IMPLEMENTING your own personal Life-System and ACHIEVING your Desired Results.

It’s not about a magic formula.

It’s just a Results-based Partnership Process to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for yourself and people around you!

My Mission

My desire is to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in other’s people’s lives. This is why to accomplish my goal, I need you to accomplish your goal. My energy is focused on leveraging your special TALENT and your SELF_LEADERSHIP to maximize the opportunities surrounding you in order to achieve measurable and sustainable RESULTS, whatever you do in your personal life.

Why Choose Angela

Years of experience in corporate

Latest Coaching Tools

Certified & Licensed Teacher

Money Back Guarantee

Result Oriented



  • “It was fantastic the way you led the class to an incredible and exceptional result. Every moment was powerful and bright. You were able to create a strong bond of trust between the participants. We were many but I felt safe and without judgments from others. Each exercise was intense and with a specific purpose. My life will not be the same!”

    37,Office Assistant Melbourne, Australia
  • “In each session, I felt like a new person with clear and achievable goals. Your support has been extraordinary. I was a successful person at work and in the family, but you always helped me reinforce my strengths. You have an incredible power to activate emotions and actions which we sometimes resist. You’ve really transformed my mindset: it’s like I’ve installed new software. I really recommend Angela to help you unleash your fullest potential”.

    35, Fashion Designer Milan, Italy
  • “Thank you for transporting me into my own heart with your warm and sweet voice. The visualizations with you were amazing. I feel healed inside. Thank you for giving me so much of yourself!”

    38, IT Consultant Arezzo, Italy
  • “Thanks Angela for guiding me with professionalism and sweetness through the most important theme in my life: change. I take home with me the need to make room in my life for what I really want. Now I have the emotional and practical tools to direct my action”.

    35, Teacher Firenze, Italy


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