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May 14, 2020

5 Forbes insights to guide senior executives to become Visionary Leaders

  1. Embrace disruption with unconventional thinking.

A visionary leader can create a compelling vision by turning disruption into a new opportunity that worth exploring and pursuing with energy, time, and resources. It generates excitement because it captures people’s imagination.

  1. Everything must be a complete circle.

A visionary leader thinks more holistically and articulates a “big picture” story that has been thought out in ways that are clear, consistent, compelling, and simplified by establishing credibility. With credibility that often starts with thought leadership, the circle is completed in people’s minds, leading to changed behavior.

  1. Articulate the impact of a fulfilled vision, making people’s lives better.

A visionary leader makes a direct connection between innovation and people. It’s not just about the business opportunity. At the core of the vision is the essence of what the impact will be on people, aiming to improve the human condition.

Visionary leaders lead with their stories about how people’s experience will be improved. It’s a story of empowerment. They coin memorable terms that serve as unifying concepts to influence behavior. Specific phrases that define an idea that people can rally around, that become part of the lexicon of the visionary leadership advances the

  1. Educate people about how the big vision will be fulfilled. 

A visionary leader paves a path for more and more people to get on board with the vision and participate in the building of it. By educating people from different generations, different ethnic backgrounds and different experiences, a visionary leader cuts across boundaries and attracts people with fresh ideas, new skills, and different approaches.

In summary, especially in challenging time we need to understand that visionary leadership reshapes industries, challenges conventional thinking, ignites reimagining, powers the awareness-building and inspiration creation.

  1. Empowering clients through the energizing benefits of vision-based coaching

A visionary leader assists also clients in refining their personal visions to evoke hope, mindfulness, compassion as one considers the question, Who do I want to be? Questions related to the ideal self encourage clients to reflect on their deepest aspirations and dreams (hope), people who have had a positive impact on their lives (gratitude and compassion), and/or their values and core identity (mindfulness).

The coaching process engages clients in exercises such as envisioning a desired future, reconnecting with personal values, discovering strengths, and expressing gratitude for supportive relationships.

Vision-based coaching strengthens the positive aspects of one’s identity.  In addition to drawing out aspects of the self that are aspirational in nature, vision-based coaching helps a leader reflect on current strengths and values as a basis for personal growth.


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