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May 1, 2020

5-F-Forces against Uncertainty

I have a gift for you today.

An easy tool to apply immediately and that will shift your perspective from one that only sees problems to one that only sees solutions.

Have you ever heard of the 5-F-Forces?

These are what you need to play the game of your life at your best.

Most successful people use them to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding true success.

And I know that you want to be part of that circle 😊, don’t you?

Probably, you are not sure what your next move should be…in your personal or professional life…

Probably, you are looking for clarity in your mind and hope and optimism in your heart…

Probably you are trying a way to turn circumstances into an opportunity to reinvent yourself…

I invite you to read about the 5-F-Forces and tell me which one you struggle more with at this moment. Personally I still struggle with the number 4 but I really found very effective the number 5. What about you?

  1. F-EED AND STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND:  spend just 30 minutes per day for your growth, inspiring yourself with learning, reading a book, self-education, new strategies, new perspectives, new positive attitude.
  2. F-IT YOUR BODY WITH MOVEMENT: it can be an intense workout or a simple walk, also a breathing exercise. Train your brain and your body both. You can feel strong inside if you feel physically strong. When you push your body hard, all it works properly.  It needs to be active. It is set up to be active.
  3. F-IND THE BEST TIMES IN THE WORST TIMES: do something you love and probably you had no much time before. Time for your passion, for studying, for spending more time with your daughter or your son, for writing a book. Learn new skills, realize an idea you have in your mind for a long time.
  4. F-ORCE YOURSELF INTO A MASSIVE ACTION: Take action for the next step, work hard, define your life system, and the next actions. It will be the key to achieve your goal.
  5. F-OLLOW A ROLE MODEL: if there are people that are better than you, it probably makes you feel uncomfortable but it makes you grow. Push yourself into a people environment you can learn from them. Think about what you really want and who are the people that can be an accelerator for that: a teacher, a coach, a spiritual leader, your boss, some friend, some people that inspire you, and can help you to live the life you really want to live

Look for new directions. Lead your Life!




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