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March 23, 2020

3 Steps for a life-changing experience through language.

By selecting the words we wisely use, we can change our emotional state and we can transform the quality of our entire life.

Let me tell you something very simple, powerful and effective to apply in your everyday life. Take some time to practice later!

I had the opportunity to attend “Unleash the Power Within” with Tony Robbins two years ago in Sydney. During the intensive training he said:


It was like a “BOOM” in my brain.

All of us use WORDS to communicate…, to express a concept or an idea…, to build a relationship… or a career.

But the fact is that we don’t use WORDS for OURSELVES!

  1. Words have an unbelievable power to change everything in an instant: our BELIEFS, how WE FEEL, what WE THINK and even what WE DO.
  2. RIGHT words move us to take ACTION.
  3. Words SHAPE who we are because they change our EMOTIONAL STATE. And the quality of our emotions is the quality of our lives.

We have the power to transform our EXPERIENCE by transforming our SENSATIONS. And we can transform our sensations by transforming our VOCABULARY.

Many scientific studies confirm that each word we use in life influences the NEURAL FUNCTIONING of the brain because it has the power to impact the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.

Remember…How the LABEL we put upon our experience becomes our experience!

Be conscious of what habitual vocabulary you use for negative emotions and replace them with words that BREAK YOUR PATTERNS and provide you with new and BETTER EMOTIONAL CHOICES.

Transformational Vocabulary is the key!

Let’s try NOW this exercise and practice it for the 5 NEXT DAYS:

STEP 1: Become conscious and identify your words. Write down 3 words that you habitually use to describe negative, unhappy or distressing emotions. Be conscious of the label you are putting on things. For instance, if today is a challenging day at work for me, I could say “I’m so WORRIED about this” or “I’m FURIOUS with my boss”.

STEP 2: Monitor yourself and replace negative words. Feel and listen to the intensity of the words you use. Watch at your language. Now that you have recognized your words, write down another 3 alternatives that will LOWER THE INTENSITY of those negative emotions to describe the same situation and the same feeling.

If you said “I’m so worried about this…” replace it with “I’m a little bit concerned

or if you said “I’m furious with my boss” replace it with “I’m irritated” or “I’m disappointed“.

Probably if you want to say that you are “depressed” you can say that you are a little bit “down“.

STEP 3: Intensify positive words. Use the same process to repeat the exercise choosing now 3 positive words to describe a positive experience and come up with three alternative words that will AMPLIFY and INTENSIFY the positive feeling.

Notice the big difference in the intensity of emotions inside of you!

When you do this exercise, please choose a buddy. A person in your life who has the permission to ask you: “Is really that word you want to use to explain how you feel?” He/she will support you to follow through and break your own patterns.

What’s happen? What’s the RESULT of this powerful tool?

We will find an IMMEDIATE CHANGE in how we feel and this becomes positively addictive. We transform our emotional patterns and we can feel the CONTROL of the quality of our life.

Try to be consistent with the practice and it will be a LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Obviously, there will be moments in which you’ll feel angry or enraged, but the most important thing is that you will have a CONSCIOUS CHOICE and not just a habitual reaction.

In the book “The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel Ruiz reminds us: “Make an agreement with yourself to be impeccable with your words!”


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