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Success is 20% skills
and 80% philosophy 

– Jim Rohn


Message from Angela

Hey there, Jim Rohn said: “Success is not something you chase; it's something you

attract by the person you become.” These words capture personal growth perfectly.

Take charge of your journey and create the life you desire.

Let's make it happen!

Angela Ferlita - AF Coaching


Inspiring transformation in:

Judgment-Free Zone:

Step into a space of openness and acceptance, where your inner leadership and life challenges are met with empathy and respect.

Holistic Perspective:

We see you as a whole person – mind, body, and spirit. By gaining a profound understanding of your unique makeup, we unlock insights that propel you towards lasting change.

Total Presence, Total Commitment:

When we work together, you have our

undivided attention and unwavering dedication.

Continuous Growth:

We stay at the forefront of business trends and neuroscience, constantly expanding our knowledge to better serve you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite excellence within you. We uncover hidden strengths, expand your

horizons, and drive you to achieve unparalleled success in both your personal and

professional life. By embracing your true potential, you become a catalyst for positive

transformation, creating a lasting impact on the world.

Join us and unleash your boundless potential. Follow the path for growth and reinvention.

Our pillars to get you to the next level


The compass that guides your journey through life. By shifting your mindset, you'll ignite momentum and unlock extraordinary results.

Mindset Mastery

the fuel for happiness and fulfillment. By confronting fears, breaking through limitations, and refining your decision-making, you'll shed old patterns and embrace newfound growth, achieving beyond your wildest expectations.

Progress Propel

The vital bridge between intention and achievement. By mastering the art of execution, you'll transform aspirations into achievements, driving tangible progress and sustainable growth across all aspects of your life.

Execution Excellence

The cornerstone of progress. Together, we'll keep you on track, ensuring every step aligns with your vision of success.

Accountability Amplified

Is the fresh viewpoints that empowers you to manage risks, uncover blind spots, and explore new pathways toward your goals.

Outside Perspective Power

Coaching is about more than personal growth; it's about creating meaningful change. By aligning your actions with your core values and vision, you'll make significant shifts in mindset, behavior, and outcomes.

Impact Ignition

Top achievers use coaching to elevate their careers. It's not just a secret—it's a necessity.

Master yourself and exercise inner-leadership with our tailored programs.

Ready for more? Take action now.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite excellence within you. We uncover hidden strengths, expand your horizons, and drive you to achieve unparalleled success in both your personal and professional life. By embracing your true potential, you become a catalyst for positive transformation, creating a lasting impact on the world.

Join us and unleash your boundless potential.

Follow the path for growth and reinvention.


Unleash the power within you to gain unparalleled clarity and direction in your life. Tap into your two inner driving forces, unleashing their full potential. Recognize patterns shaping your thoughts and actions. Amplify impact and foster growth.


Empowering Mindset



Unlock Your Power



Clarity and Direction






Focus and Accountability


Strategic Planning
Increased Impact
Embrace Challenges
Guided Support
Accelerated Results:


Screenshot 2024-06-14 alle 00.12.59.png
Francesco M.

Ho da subito apprezzato Angela per l'empatia trasmessa e la sua fiducia nelle mie capacità. Mi ha dato la possibilita’ di guardare alle mie priorità in modo chiaro e mi ha permesso di sviluppare la flessibilità nel cambiamento di quest'ultime. 

Lavorare con Angela è avere un partner che gioca la tua partita, ha i tuoi stessi obiettivi e la tua stessa determinazione nel volerli raggiungere, anzi a volte forse ancor di più! Se vuoi raggiungere un punto B importante che a volte può sembrare irraggiungibile, giocare di squadra con un Coach è quell'arma in più che in situazioni difficili può essere messa in campo , e può fare tutta la differenza !! 

Dal mio primo incontro con Angela è stato tutto un divenire e un settare standards sempre piu’ alti: da una semplice partita di pallanuoto a cambiare città, Paese, definendo nuovi obiettivi. Sono cambiato come persona, mettendomi alla prova nelle sfide più avvincenti e stimolanti e consapevole di poter contare su Angela in qualsiasi momento. 

Screenshot 2024-06-14 alle 00.13.15.png


Sono Antonella e ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare Angela nel mio percorso.

Sono una floral design e mi occupo di allestimenti per matrimoni, sono moglie mamma e figlia.

Ultimamente mi ero intrappolata nella mia vita. 

Lei con delle domande apparentemente semplici e’riuscita a trovare i miei punti di forza e nel mostrarmeli. Ho provato una strana sensazione: io li conoscevo ma li avevo messi in un cassetto.

Con educazione, gentilezza e garbo e’riuscita a farmi svegliare dal tepore in cui ero e a togliermi una coperta pesante che mi ero messa sopra, fatta di credenze e limiti. 

Grazie a lei sono riuscita ad affrontare la mia vita, il mio lavoro e il rapporto con gli altri in maniera diversa. Oggi c’è una nuova Antonella!

Anche gli altri ne hanno trovato vantaggio soprattutto chi mi sta vicino. 

La ringrazio tantissimo, e’stato un periodo indimenticabile.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 alle 00.14.13.png

Jayne Tomasella - IT Project Manager/Office Manager & Artist

Struggling with the concept of the next chapter in my life – forced retirement – scared of the

picture ahead – being a lady of leisure was not me. – I turned to Angela in the hope I would

find some direction… not knowing what to expect. From the first session Angela believed in

me, challenged me, gave me the confidence I needed. Step by step I found a purpose, set

goals and from there I have ‘blossomed’.

Angela’s faith in me, removing the ‘not good enough’ mentality was key in my journey, I have

now planted so many seeds and I am so busy, that I may need to start pruning – but my true

passion is Art..

I would recommend Angela to anyone needing some direction in their lives.. her knowledge

and approach make you feel special from the first session. We are not alone in this journey

of life and sometimes we need a little help, there is nothing wrong with that..

Our Coaching Areas:

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Mindset Mastery

Embrace the growth mindset and conquer fear, overcome anxiety, and cultivate unshakable confidence to propel you towards a thriving future.

Behavioral Transformation

Revolutionize your habits and transform your behavior,

unlocking unparalleled productivity and effectiveness in every aspect of your life.

Emotional Intelligence

Master emotional management, boost empathy, navigate conflicts with ease, and overcome challenges to cultivate a stress-free and harmonious life.

Leadership Development

Craft a magnetic vision for your life and business, igniting inspiration, attracting wealth, clients, and an extraordinary team to fuel your path to unstoppable success.

Strategic Planning

Master the art of goal-setting, task prioritization, and structured efficiency to optimize achievement and accelerate progress towards your dreams.

  • What is life coaching and how can it benefit me?
    Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that focuses on helping the client achieve their personal and professional goals. It benefits you by providing clarity, enhancing your decision-making, and fostering personal growth, which leads to improved performance and satisfaction in various areas of your life.
  • What qualifications does Angela Ferlita have as a life coach?
    Angela Ferlita has over 10 years of experience in personal growth as an Inner-Leadership Trainer and Results Coach. She holds a law degree, a master’s in Human Resources, and international coaching certifications. Angela has worked with professionals worldwide to embrace change and develop self-leadership strategies.
  • What can I expect during a coaching session?
    During a coaching session, you can expect a judgment-free zone where you receive undivided attention and unwavering commitment. We will focus on your goals, identify challenges, and create actionable plans to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • How long does a coaching program last?
    The duration of a coaching program varies based on individual needs and goals. We offer flexible coaching packages that can be customized to fit your schedule and objectives, ranging from a few months to a year or more.
  • Can coaching help me with my business goals?
    Yes, coaching can significantly enhance your business goals by improving your strategic planning, leadership development, and execution excellence. We help entrepreneurs and business leaders overcome challenges, maximize productivity, and achieve sustainable growth.
  • How do I get started with AF Coaching & Learning?
    Getting started is easy. Simply schedule an introductory coaching session through our website. During this session, we will discuss your goals, assess your needs, and outline a customized coaching plan to help you achieve success.
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