We all have had at least one of these moments in our life... an awakening... a pivotal day where we wake up and realize that something needs to change...

Angela Ferlita

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Ciao Everyone!  ​


Thanks for being here!

WELCOME to the Turning Point zone, a place for those of you who want to design the LIFE CHALLENGE EXPERIENCE with balance, happiness, and success.

As a RESULT Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I would be honored to support you in a healthy lifestyle and empower your strengths with strategies to live the Turning Point of life to your FULLEST POTENTIAL.

I know... going through a Turning Point is not always easy.

Whether it is an unexpected situation or a challenge that you have so passionately sought, changing your lifestyle is a moment of great upheaval and emotional imbalance, bringing you out of your usual comfort zone.

Three years ago, I lived my Turning Point time deciding to move to Australia with my family. I live now at Manly Beach, one of the most beautiful places in the Northern Beaches area in Sydney. I'm so grateful now!......But...

I left my country, Italy, my friends, my career, my father, my mum had just passed away and I had lost my entire routine and all of the comfort zones in a few months... And even though I was aware of going through the most important EVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCE of my life, I often had the feeling that I was on a roller coaster ….

Probably, you've had a similar life-changing experience or are having one right now...!

But the good news is that the Turning Point is just GROWTH! Don’t be scared: it is a kind of evolution that's not always linear. You might go backward and then sideways before you are ready to move forward. There are multiple layers to the messy process and it is exactly here that you can make the difference just by knowing some secrets to find the light!

How I can help you

Combining my Corporate background experience with the ultimate Coaching principles and accredited tools by ICF-International Coaching Federation on one sides and with the transformational Training "Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay Method on the other, I would love to support you on your journey by designing the ROAD MAP for creating the lifestyle you desire while ensuring you are taking the ACTIONS required to gain momentum every step on the way. I would love to share practical strategies for balancing your mind, removing the internal CONFLICTS that often sabotage your RESULTS and giving you the power to take back CONTROL of your life, identifying problem areas and finding SOLUTIONS for a successful lifestyle change.

I will design your Turning Point momentum by offering you Coaching Services and Training Program tailored to your goals and vision and helping you let go of what isn’t serving you, navigate through a time of change or a LIFE TRANSITION with ease and grace, improve motivation and focus, strengthen your intuition, take inspired action to make it happen, introduce supportive routines and start showing up as your radiant best-self.

My Core Value

Significance: my desire is to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in other's people's lives. This is why to accomplish my goals, I need you to accomplish your goals. Whatever I want in life, I've found that the best way to get it is to focus my energy on giving to others.

My Mission

Creating the largest group of inspiring people that passionately independently implement by themselves system, tools, exercises and time-tested success principles of SELF_LEADERSHIP to produce measurable and sustainable RESULTS in their own life.

My 3 Coaching Goals

  1. Leveraging your special TALENT to MAXIMIZE the OPPORTUNITIES surrounding you.

  2. Assisting you in discovering the RESULTS you most want to achieve in life and exactly HOW TO ACHIEVE them.

  3. Giving you PRACTICAL TOOLS that, when combined with consistent, positive action, will make a real and lasting difference in your life.

To get different results, you are going to have to do things differently!

Thank you for honoring me with your valuable time. I look forward to hearing from you about your successful Turning Point story.


To YOUR real success!

   Angela Ferlita

Let me tell you a bit about me... 


How I Can

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Angela provides a level of expertise and enlightenment resulting in life-changing transformation with practical measures to redesign your lifestyle. Combining consolidat...
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