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Ciao Everyone!

WELCOME to the place where people create opportunities for happiness and chances for success, in their personal and professional life!

What do you REALLY-REALLY want?

Make more money? Change your careers or find meaningful work? Be named the leader of the year or have a job promotion? Live in a beautiful, serene place? Visit every continent? Create a positive work/life balance? Learn to take professional photographs? Have a fulfilling relationship with your partner? Make enough money to care for your family? Volunteer in a disaster zone or make a difference in someone else’s life? Have a big house or a new nice car or fashionable clothes? Eat whatever you want without gaining weight? Know what you want and have the confidence to go after it? Have better relationships? Recover from a painful or debilitating disease? Reach a fabled level of success that makes you untouchable? Writing a book or a screenplay for a movie?

Think about the things that matter most to you and make you happiest. Don’t filter out anything, especially if your first reaction to it is that it’s impossible.

As your Coach, I will help you to dramatically expand your awareness and your potential in order to create a CLEAR VISION and make new daily HABITS that keep you motivated in achieving REMARKABLE RESULTS .

You will move through your life feeling unstoppable and elevating everything and everyone around you!


Angela Ferlita

I’m Angela, I am pleased to introduce myself. I'm Italian, I was born and grew up in a small seaside town in Sicily, a wonderful Island in the south of the Mediterranean where the scent of jasmine and orange trees mixes with the colors of the sea and sunset intoxicating the mind and heart.

When I was at the peak of my career as a Lawyer in a Multinational Company, I experienced my Turning Point because I needed to re-connect with my inner-self and re-focus on my true purpose and passion with a new life-changing experience… So I gave up everything to follow a new path. For almost 5 years now, I have been living in Australia (Melbourne-Sydney), where I moved with my family.

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  • “It was fantastic the way you led the class to an incredible and exceptional result. Every moment was powerful and bright. You were able to create a strong bond of trust between the participants. We were many but I felt safe and without judgments from others. Each exercise was intense and with a specific purpose. My life will not be the same!”

    37,Office Assistant Melbourne, Australia
  • “In each session, I felt like a new person with clear and achievable goals. Your support has been extraordinary. I was a successful person at work and in the family, but you always helped me reinforce my strengths. You have an incredible power to activate emotions and actions which we sometimes resist. You’ve really transformed my mindset: it’s like I’ve installed new software. I really recommend Angela to help you unleash your fullest potential”.

    35, Fashion Designer Milan, Italy
  • “Thank you for transporting me into my own heart with your warm and sweet voice. The visualizations with you were amazing. I feel healed inside. Thank you for giving me so much of yourself!”

    38, IT Consultant Arezzo, Italy
  • “Thanks Angela for guiding me with professionalism and sweetness through the most important theme in my life: change. I take home with me the need to make room in my life for what I really want. Now I have the emotional and practical tools to direct my action”.

    35, Teacher Firenze, Italy
  • “Thanks Angela, your smile, the sweet and calm tone of your voice in each session has allowed me to access my inner-self and then to discover what is most important to me – to change my life and live at my best”.

    36, Naturopath Bologna, Italy
  • “I really love your sweetness and the strength and support with which you dealt with such important topics in our sessions. I am really grateful to have met you and to turn your words into real experiences in my life. Thank you so much”.

    39, Consultant Bologna, Italy
  • “Angela is simply wonderful! I felt the movement of energy and the training was so emotional. During the course I felt great serenity, peace, joy and courage. She worked with us and for us with extreme respect and in a generous way. Her energy and vitality is unique and overflowing”.

    37, Architect Melbourne, Australia
  • “In this intensive course with Angela I felt something I had never experienced before. She knew how to create an atmosphere that was fantastic. Now, I am full of positive emotions and ready to plan my next steps.. Thanks Angela you did an incredible job!”

    40, IT Consultant Rome, Italy
  • “Heal Your Life training was a beautiful and very intense weekend. Angela is so passionate and she certainly marked the beginning of my journey in personal growth. Now I have the tools to deal with problematic situations and achieve ambitious goals. Nobody will stop me! Thanks Angela, you gave me new perceptions and perspectives, new eyes !!!”

    32, Nurse Verona, Italy
  • “Thanks Angela for your sweetness. Your words come straight to the heart. I truly understood the power of loving myself and how I can improve my health. You gave me a gift: the awareness that only I have the power over myself and I can change my health, my relationships, my work for the better. I achieved now challenge experience results. I have the power to create my reality. In this way I can do anything I want. Thanks Angela!”

    30, Consultant Verona, Italy
  • “We had nice sessions, clear and effective. Angela is a loving teacher and amazing Turning Point coach with delicate and powerful energy. She has allowed us to explore previously neglected areas within us and to bring them out with enthusiasm, awareness, and peace.”

    28, Dance Teacher Rome, Italy
  • “I am a very private person and often this gets in my way. Angela was able to touch all strings of my heart and soul. For me, working with her meant growing, evolving and being more aware of what I want. On top of that, her corporate experience made her method structured and really powerful”.

    42, Executive Manager Milan, Italy
  • “I am incredibly grateful to Angela for creating such a safe and supportive space for me to work through patterns and beliefs which have been holding me back.
    I was ready to make changes in my life but I needed someone to support me through the process. She tailored each session to suit my needs and personality and took a gentle approach through which I have made deep and lasting change.
    Angela is a warm and caring person and I always felt unjudged and safe during our sessions. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach as she will be totally committed to helping you achieve your goals”.

    33, Yoga Teacher Sydney, Australia
  • “Angela is a miracle, a precious gift in my life. An amazing and incredible experience! When I met Angela in my English class and we started talking about her HYL training, I realized that for my life her arrival in Melbourne had a meaning. So beautiful! Congratulations and thank you for your leadership and inspiration. She is a fantastic support life transition.”

    62, Teacher Melbourne, Australia


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